Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The "Pride of Britain" admitted lying to police.
Jurors also heard how he admitted lying to police about his whereabouts that day to avoid being blamed over the incident.

'Once you have started with one lie you have to make up 1,000 lies to cover that one,' he said.

'Once I had started there was no turning back.'
Source: Metro

Jahan hammed it up in court, bringing up the completely irrelevant riots, which only occurred a month after his brutal assault.
Asked about his actions in the hours following his son's death by defence barrister Ali Naseem Bajwa, QC, he said: 'There is hardly any issue in life that can't be resolved by talking to someone.'

Sobbing, he added: 'I had my own loss at the time and I felt that it was not necessary for other people to suffer what I had suffered.'
Source: Daily Mail

Is he going for a BAFTA to sit alongside his Pride of Britain award?

As far as I can see, only The Times has published details of Jahan's colourful career as a criminal. Does the rest of the media feel they need to cover up for the "Pride of Britain"?
The court was also told that Mr Jahan was fined £200 in 1985 for false accounting and forgery and given a partially suspended two-year prison sentence in 1990 for conspiracy to rob. He was also cautioned for possession of cannabis in 2003. The following year he accepted a caution for what he said was an “unintentional” assault on his stepmother during a family argument.
Source: The Times (£)

His sentence for conspiracy to rob was "partially suspended". That means he did at least some prison time for it.


Anonymous said...

The establishment's pin-up boy for multiculturism and moderate islam is exposed for what he is. A violent 3rd worlder.
Paris Claims

DP111 said...

When it comes to Islam and Muslims, nothing can be taken for granted.

nyctreeman said...

I'd lay odds that his "appeal" for calm was directly linked to his very soft sentence for the crime he committed only a month earlier.

It certainly was out of character for him.

Anonymous said...

Politics and religion are at war for power and money. Both want it all to them selves. Religion is just an excuse for ones bad action. If arrogant people look at all religions they would see that it is contradicting even christianity.

Anonymous said...

This iS all rubish. This is a pack of lies I am his neice and I can say some reporter has made this shyt up.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

This is from the Times newspaper so if these claims are false your uncle should be able to sue them for libel and collect a substantial sum of money.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the failed face of Multiculturalism showing it ugly face again. Simple, he's a thug. His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

The jahan family is the biggest bunch of crooks you could ever meet.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with you. Tariq used to pimp his wife before he turned his attention to his niece. This was when he got busted and was caught with cannabis.

Anonymous said...

he is just a prick that shood not of let his son be out roiting hes not as he makes out 2 be sells heroin 2 kids dirty cunt........

Anonymous said...

he got paid 2 million from the compensation board in his words for the failure of the police not protecting his neighbourhood and his son theirfore lost his life protecting the neigbourhood

Anonymous said...

kept the peace cus he new he sent his boys out there with the bats and stuff i saw every day of tht court both him and dsi anthony tagg and dsi blackburn new the truth and tried to cover up the truth but thank god the truth come out BUT tag is still on the police force even after lieing in court to the judge totally wrong they tried 2 send these men 2 jail 4 a very very very long time and then sat in court laughing like school kids

Anonymous said...

Only GOD can judge... we'r all human... we all makes mistakes... and whether these accusations/ coments are true or not who cares. . Mr jahan acted in the best way at that time. Thank God that it wasn't the people who are posting nasty comments in this situation. .. they would be the ones making problems for our society/communities. (Well done Mr Jahan, ignore the nasties)

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