Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Comment Macht Frei has a Sunny Hundal article today discussing the 'My Tram Experience' video. To his credit, Hundal argues against applying criminal sanctions to the woman. It's interesting to note that this article went up at 12.05 pm and comments have already been closed on it as I write as 1.23 pm, barely more than an hour later. Presumably, too many of the comments were in defence of the tram woman for the Guardian's liking.

In the article, Hundal claims that the tram woman is "the product of the opinions of the rightwing press". No, Sunny. The tram woman is the product of genocide. The Genocide Convention recognises the existence of peoples as peoples, not just as collections of individuals. Peoplehood is a complex phenomenon embracing elements of language, culture and common ancestry, real or perceived. When you deliberately foster conditions intended to make it impossible for people to maintain their own distinctiveness as peoples, and you do this without the people's consent, you are committing a crime against humanity. That crime has a name: genocide.

To maintain their own distinctiveness, a people requires physical space inhabited by others belonging to the same group and practising the same culture. When that physical space is taken from them by the enforced colonisation of other peoples, it becomes progressively more difficult for a people to preserve its own integrity. If this transformation occurs with the people's clear and overwhelming consent, fine. People can voluntarily opt for change. But the European peoples were overwhelmingly opposed to the mass immigration of non-Europeans into their countries when the process started and still are today. That this change was imposed by an elite without democratic consent converts it from being a misguided policy into a crime.

The transformation has no moral legitimacy and the tram woman has every right to express her indignation about it. The peoples of Europe did not consent to handing over their countries or their cities to aliens.

But in modern Europe, the elite who are inflicting this genocide have made it a criminal offence for its victims even to talk about what is happening to them.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

The comments under many of the youtube postings of this video will leave you with no doubt just how blood thirsty the politically correct lynch mob is.

Ralph Lynn said...


10, just ten years of massive, unwanted - not needed! - mass immigration has changed our capital city beyond recognition.

She spoke from experience, from regret, frustration..

'Progressive' auto-rascists will never 'get' it.

Anonymous said...

Well put forward... I was thinking myself when reading the breaking story about this as how her reaction and "rave" was the direct product of the Labour Government's MC policy of having "open gates" to all the riff-raff of the bad countries. I was musing with the idea that maybe the Powers-That-Be would slap her gently on the wrist and get her some relief to alleviate the terrible stress she and ger family have obviously been under - having to look at uneducated and illiterate people getting loads of free money, free TVs, free food, free furniture, free medicare, free transport, and so on while she is relegated to the underclass deserving no more than a pittance. But no, MC and PC elite want to cricify her as an example as to how they will deal with people who dare to voice the truth - however harshly. It's a pity that the indigenous people of England and Wales are now considered 2nd-class citizens.

Anonymous said...

- Hear, hear!

Very well spoken, CZ

Anonymous said...

"MC and PC elite want to cricify her as an example as to how they will deal with people who dare to voice the truth - however harshly."

- Exactly.

They may not have noticed, but they are playing with fire.

Bluepanic said...

Well said

Anonymous said...

This was only spread madly into public because it was an indigenous brit. If it was an immigrant talking about the white british people like that no-one would have reported this. This is just another example of the injustice that is going on in this country it is time that there was a nation wide movement to tell the left wing politicians and media what we really think of them and their f*cked up policies

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