Tuesday, 10 May 2011
I've been reading "Like the Roman", Simon Heffer's biography of Enoch Powell. What a great man he was, one of the most extraordinary figures Britain has ever produced. The book quotes part of a speech he gave in 1969, in Bradford ironically enough, considering what has happened to it since. I was particularly struck by it and can't find it anywhere on the web so I'll reproduce it here.

Powell speaks of the:

horrifying passage in the first report of the Community Relations Commission, where it says, of the so-called 'second generation':'They are English in all respects other than the colour of their skin.' It is not so much that such a statement is factually untrue which is shocking. It is the sheer insolence and contempt for human dignity which it expresses; for the true mutual respect between human beings rests upon the recognition, without any implication of superiority or inferiority, of differences - differences between one individual and another, differences between one society and another.


Diversity Macht Frei


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