Tuesday, 3 May 2011
Sarkozy recently granted an interview to L'Express magazine in France. In it he made some interesting remarks about immigration.

The working-age population active in France increases by 110,000 people per year. That means that to reduce unemployment by 1, we already need to have created 110,000 jobs! With the problems we are having providing work for all our nationals, and unemployment at 23% for non-EU foreigners, we ought to be asking questions about legal immigration: that makes good sense. I would not say the same thing if I was the leader of Germany, where there are 100,000 fewer working-age people each year. I have never been for zero immigration, because civilisations collapse through consanguinity, not through the "melting pot". But we need to adapt economic immigration to these realities and and ensure that our professional training meets the needs of our economy.

This is very revealing. It's indicative of some of the strange notions that lie behind the genocidal policies behind pursued by the European elite against their own people. Sarkozy thinks there is some positive benefit in introducing alien elements into European populations. No doubt his own "exotic" background has influenced his views on this. This is not the first time Sarkozy has made bizarre remarks about the need for French people to engage in "cross-breeding".



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