Thursday, 7 April 2011
With Italy now handing out temporary residence permits to the North Africans, intended to allow them to travel elsewhere within the EU, the French Interior Ministry is drawing up plans designed to keep them out. It seems they intend to try and do this, at least at first, by rigidly applying EU rules rather than flouting them.

A memo has been sent to the authorities in the border area specifying what conditions must be fulfilled by those crossing the border from Italy. They must have:

A valid residence permit and (underlined) their national passport


A valid temporary residence permit and (underlined) travel documents issued by the same member state

I'm not sure why this would present a problem if Italy is handing out documents freely. Would-be entrants must be able to explain the purpose and circumstances of their stay in France, not have been in France for the last three months, show that they do not present a threat to public order and demonstrate that they have sufficient means to support their stay. This last condition is the most hopeful. Apparently, they will have to show that they have 62 euros per day per person or 31 euros if they have somewhere to stay.

Many of the savages will not be able to fulfil these conditions. However, if they have relatives in France already, as many of them do, they will most likely be able to arrange to borrow the money. And the ones with no relatives will no doubt have established ties in the camps with those who do, so they may be able to get access to funds too.

The French government may well find that this administrative wall quickly begins to show leaks; which raises the question of whether they will react to this failure by breaking the Schengen rules altogether. With Marine Le Pen riding high in the polls, and anti-Islamic sentiment flourishing in France, I suspect they will.


Anonymous said...

I think France should be kicked out of the EU.

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